Thursday, June 16, 2011


  Welcome to the Vandalia Blog – a sister site to  The name ‘vandaliacr’ refers to our desire to reinstate the original Constitutional Republic (Vandalia CR) of the United States of America in what is now known as West Virginia.  My name is Jim Lovell, and I will tell you a little about myself – some other time.  I am Christian, and I hope you don’t mind my references to God and such.

  The information on the main website shocks many, but it’s nothing new for those who know real history.  If you have not read the ‘The Vandalia Solution’ page on the main website, some of the information and words on this blog may not make one bit of sense to you.  Please read the Vandalia Solution page on the main website.  It’s very important.

  It may seem that absolutely nothing can put this nation back on track after so many have said they could do that – and failed.  If you will assume some responsibility, we can regain our God-Given freedoms and return to prosperity with the minimum suffering.

  You may think that nothing can be done about the massive fraud that is slowly crushing us, but it will end as have all tyrannies – only – only when enough people stand together against those who created it.  This can be done violently or peacefully.  Our desire is to stand – non-violently – with truth as our only weapon – and history proves that it works! 

  This requires that people – particularly in government – 1) understand what is really going on in this nation, and 2) that the present system will collapse as 3) the economy & currency collapses and 4) all these corporate ‘governments’ across the nation go into default!   

  Real history tells us that when enough people get hungry, society collapses into violence & chaos because people usually attack each other.  WE NEED TO FOCUS ALL OUR ATTENTION ON THE CRIMINALS WHO INTENTIONALLY CREATED AND AIDED THIS PENDING CHAOS FOR US, rather than fight with each other – as this corporate ‘government’ – at all levels – fails and it will fail!  (If you work for ‘the government’ – you do not have a secure job with a promising future!)  

  Anybody who knows real economics knows that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (corporate) de facto ‘government’ was so hopelessly in debt – over a decade ago – that it would go down.  We knew the day would come when it would ‘max out’ its ‘credit cards’ – and nobody would issue it any more. We knew the day would come when it could not pay its bills – meet its payroll or any of its obligations because the currency would turn into play money, if for no other reason.  This whole house of paper is collapsing – by design – right now!   We knew that as it lost all support, it would completely fall.

  Numbers: The US CORPORATION’S admitted debt is around $14 trillion.  The IRS took in about $2 trillion last year and the federal government spent around $3.6 trillion.  Even if the economy was not failing – there is no way that they could raise that much money from the private sector – the maker of real wealth. 

  A calculator will tell you that just to cover this year’s federal spending – the federal government would have to take $12,000 from every man, woman, and child – no matter what their age.  Just the federal tax-take for a family of four would have to be around $50,000 to pay this year’s bills – without touching the national debt! 

  The admitted federal debt is $14 trillion.  Let’s call it ‘credit card debt’ – because that’s basically what it is.  Realistic economists tell us that the US CORPORATION’S total long-term financial obligations its commitments that are coming due – are closer to $140 trillion – than $14 trillion.  Think government employee retirements, Social Security, Medicare, etc.

  Let me divide those numbers by 100 million – so you can get your mind around them.  1) Imagine a man with an income of $20,000/year – who spends $36,000 per year.  (He has to borrow that additional $16,000.)  He already has 2) a credit card debt of $140,000 – and 3) he still has to pay for the $1,400,000 house!  Our man who makes $20,000/year would be going in the hole – by way over the $16,000 annual deficit spending – because he has a $140,000 credit card bill!  Can this man also pay for a $1.4 million house?  Those whom he owes for the house will be cheated.  Do not depend on the federal government (or any of its agencies or subdivisions) to live up to their obligations. 

  That – is the REAL financial condition the corporate ‘federal government’ has put itself and us in – and they think we can actually pay thr debt that they incurred and then dumped on us?  I DON’T THINK SO!  The debt that can’t be paid, won’t be paid, so get ready for the collapse they created to try to crush us because the Federal Reserve Note (‘dollar’) is going down!  (by design)

  Want some more simple truth to counter more lies?  We know the US CORPORATION has been bankrupt for a decade.  OK, who twisted whose arms to give its bonds a AAA rating?  And if you hear that the economic ‘growth rate’ last year was 2%, keep in mind that real inflation was around 10%, so that 2% ‘growth rate’ was actually an 8% shrink rate, when corrected for inflated ‘dollars.’  Growth?  What growth?  You can either believe basic economics right from your own calculator, or the cheerleaders on TV.  And all of this – stuff – is by design.

  The only reason the US CORPORATION has been able to survive for so long – IS BECAUSE THEIR CO-CONSPIRATORS – THE FEDERAL RESERVE – CREATED FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE ‘MONEY’ OUT OF THIN AIR!)  The Federal Reserve will go down as soon as enough people learn the whole truth about them, as well as their buddies at the private IRS (corporate) collection agency, and just say “NO!” to them.  And that is happening.  Something like a third of the people who were supposed to file IRS ‘tax’ returns last year – didn’t do so!  The majority of Americans want to get rid of the private Federal Reserve (counterfeiters).  Truth is winning!      

  We in Vandalia know that the present ‘ship of state’ – comprised of lies & fraud – is sinking and it can’t be stopped.  There are some (including Ron Paul) – who tell us that they and/or we can magically save it – but they’re either ignorant, or they lie.  The collapse cannot be stopped.  Bloodshed can be stopped – with simple truth!

  We want everyone to get on lifeboats of truth and orderly local Common Law constitutional government before it goes down, rather than fight with each other about who is sinking the ship – while it goes down.  Truth: The captain who took control of our ship by stealth and lies is sinking our ship – by designwhile blaming us for sinking it!  He has plans to be on a very luxurious lifeboat while we sink.  We want the captain to go down on his ship of lies – while we watch from our countless lifeboats that are made entirely – of truth.

  I don’t want to be the leader of Vandalia.  I want to inspire thousands of leaders to step forward, put contact information on the main website to attract people to them – so they can stand together on the local level to return to our original constitutional de jure republic form of government.  That – is the Vandalia Solution.

  People naturally band together to protect themselves when threatened.  When national governments collapse due to economic collapse, real government automatically goes all the way down to the neighborhood level, as people band together for mutual protection!  We want the mechanism for Constitutional Common Law government – on the local level – to be in place – before and as the US CORPORATION ‘government’ collapses. 

  The banksters don’t want us to do this.  They want the opposite.  They want us to riot, then they will turn ‘our’ enforcers – and foreign military loose on us (in the name of protecting us) – to kill us one way or another – to take what we leave behind!  When most countries go through economic collapse, the military takes control (martial law) – and won’t release it.  The country slips into third-world status as nothing is safe from the government!

  Fact: If a watchdog turns into a wolf, people will kill it – one way or another – and the sooner they do so – the less damage it will do to all!  This nation is armed.  If you’re a watchdog – supposed to protect ‘we the people’ – and you turn on them – you will not win such a war.  Know that.  Bloodshed is not the answer!  We the People are not your enemy – unless you (stupidly) choose to attack us!  History proves that if you attack ‘us’ – your family – particularly your children – will not be safe from attack!  KNOW THAT! 

  The first rule of warfare is to know your enemy.  If your commanding officer sent you out on a mission – knowing you’d eventually be killed because of it – who is your real enemy?

  We in Vandalia offer the answer – the opposite of what the banksters are planning – much better for all – restoration of Common Law de jure constitutional government that we started out with – starting at the local level as the national ‘government’ collapses.  When the greater appears, the lesser will step down.

  If you do the research rather than see the world through a TV camera, actors, and faked videos, you’ll find that my words are true, and theirs aren’t.  The controlled media is self-destructing.  This blog will bring you countless truths – beyond what patriot radio broadcasters will cover – and it will cover what happens in Vandalia.  It’s up to you to verify (or dismiss) these truths, as this is a blog, not an erudite scholarly PhD doctoral thesis – footnoted to death!      

  Back to Vandalia: We don’t have to fight – anybody!  We just need to stand our ground together, rather than fall for lies as the CORPORATION falls.       

  From real history:  No national government has survived the collapse of its currency and this currency is collapsing – by design!  The bad boys’ plan has been to intentionally destroy the currency to throw our society into total chaos – deprive us of necessities – so they can take all that was ours.  If we don’t see this – clearly – if we fight with each other instead – they will be successful.  The bad boys have proven that they will use any excuse to 1) steal money, 2) take or take control of land, 3) kill people and 4) start wars!  They do all this with lies – paper-scams.  And it will come to an end – one way or another!  What’s left during and after the collapse is what most interests us in Vandalia!  The status quo can either fall to worse tyranny – or rise above it to restore our government.  You choose. 

  We in Vandalia want to reinstate our original constitutional republic on a local level, while our present US CORPORATION ‘government’ goes into self-destruction.  Even the International Monetary Fund has declared that the Federal Reserve Note is dying, and no national government in history has survived the collapse of its currency.   

  The Federal Reserve banksters and puppet presidents will (again) tell us that if we just do what they say, they’ll save us.  THEY LIE!  THEY CREATED THE SITUATION WE’RE IN TO CRUSH US!  We have no reason to follow their orders – every reason to tell them to pound sand!  We cannot stop the present system (that they designed) from failing.  We only want lawful, constitutional, local government in place as it goes down.      
  The first step to reduce the pain is to use the most powerful word in the English language: NO!  It’s called civil disobedience – perfected by Mahatma Gandhi – long ago.  The private IRS has no more right to collect income taxes than does Wal-Mart – and the private BATF&E has no more right to steal guns, take your money, and enslave you (in prison) than your neighborhood gas station!  Don’t feel guilty about this!  Not one cent of what the IRS collects goes to our government!!!  It goes to private offshore criminal counterfeiters!  Quit supporting criminals!   

  And no corporate ‘judge’ – or any of his minions – has the right to rip you off or enslave you in prison when you have not harmed another human being!!!  If they do that they are the criminals.  They must be seen as such!  If we tell truth to enough people, people will automatically learn to say “NO!” to these criminals – very quickly and come to peaceful resolution to back them down rather than roll over and get violated – again!  Peaceful resolution is much better than lynch mobs or thugs dressed up in cop and military costumes – starting an all-out war where nobody wins!  Step One is civil – non-violent – disobedience.  I’ll go into Step Two in the next post.

  No matter what, the next few years are going to be very rough – and probably violent because hungry people are known to kill for food.  Over half our population depends on the government – one way or another – for their income.  About 15% of the population depends on food stamps to have enough to eat.  It’s all going away, folks, one way or another – whether I tell you about it or not!  The watchman on the wall is not your enemy.  He’s one of your best friends! 

  The physical struggle for our freedom (and lives) in the next few years will most likely depend more on food and fuel production – and cooperation so we can survive – than physical conflict.  Once we see who our real enemies are – the criminals who inhabit high places and the puppets who follow their orders for whatever reasons – we the people – in and out of uniform – won’t fight with each other!  Instead, we will band together against these real enemies whom we outnumber many, many thousands to one!  It is our intent to forgive those who see the error of their ways and turn from them. 

  You might describe me as a scribe.  I wrote the Declaration of God Given Rights and the Vandalia Solution section of the main website to represent what we as a group thought best described who we are and what we’re doing.  We in Vandalia deal with real issues, not myths, celebrities, distractions, obstructions, & fantasies – entertainment & lies.  We’re in the business of life – that we give away – with truth! 

  I despise the stupid, lying mainstream puppet politicians & their lapdog media.  They try to make us think we’re stupid if we think something other than what they excrete while their owners tag-team play one group off another to gain control over both!  In this world, things are what they are – not what ‘they’ say they are!  ‘They’ stage massive events just to control our minds.  (And it’s not working – now.)  They even create videos and audio recordings of murders – and say that victims are perpetrators!  (Think ‘show biz’ – stunt men – and video computer tricks.)  Do not – believe the mainstream media.  According to independent polls, their credibility is rapidly approaching single digits!  Whether you love patriot radio show hosts, writers & bloggers, or despise them – if they lied, they’d be sued out of operationKnow that!

  This is ‘my’ blog, but my intent is to accurately reflect thoughts from West Virginia patriots who are trying to not only educate folks about what has happened – but the most effective, peaceful way to return to our de jure – some say ‘legitimate’ but that’s not exactly the right word – government.  The only way this has happened in the past is for people to stand together to be responsible for their government – rather than letting someone else take control from them.  Step Two will be to restore this Common Law – de jure – Constitutional government – starting with you!  It requires that you assume some responsibility.  Our present system is collapsing – and this will actually be good – because what will replace it – the Vandalia Solution – return to our de jure government – is very good. 

  Blogs can be good – or bad – alternate news sources.  Alternate news sources are under full-scale attack from the US CORPORATION.  Mainstream media answers to their paymasters – their management – companies owned by the banksters.  I don’t.  I answer to the people in Vandalia who have put themselves up as contacts to restore our republic.  I’m a hard-core journalist at heart, and I want this blog to be akin to a newspaper or magazine.  The main website is the place to see at a glance what is most important in Vandalia.  The blog is only an adjunct. 

  With time, it will evolve.  We will try to keep posts short and to the point.  (This will probably be the longest.)  We will try to make it relevant not only to veterans of constitutional restoration, but to newcomers.  The truths we give will ring so true, and be so simple that they will utterly destroy all the complex, ridiculous lies we’ve been force-fed. 

  Because it is a blog, it will become a source of news – feedback – ideas – inspiration – as well as attacks & ridicule from the compromised and ignorant.  From time to time, I’ll offer insights into this battle between truth and lies, as well as reference other websites.  By being responsible for this blog, my neck is on the line.  We’re facing down the worst criminals the world has ever known – the international banksters who will stop at nothing to implement their plans to take control of the whole world.  I’m asking you to guard my back.  If I’m attacked, I want you to come to my defense.  If I’m taken out, I want you to hold me up as a martyr so I will not have died in vain. 

  I’ll end this post by referencing a website:   This site reports on proven police misbehavior all across America – including Canada.  There are very few WEST VIRGINIA stories on this site.  I don’t know if this is because we have better police here, or if our judicial system is covering for their crimes.  I suspect the latter.  With time, we will find out.  I’ll leave this first post by suggesting that you spend some time on that site – then ask yourself if the United States has already become a police state – or if we are a land of life, liberty, and justice for all.  Then ask yourself if you will tolerate this where you are.  The answer is in your heart and mind.    

  Jim in Vandalia -        

PS Freedom only comes – through responsibility.  All it takes for evil to win, is for good men to stand down.  Stand up and stand your ground – or bend over and kiss it goodbye!